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Hair thinning

It could have happened to anyone – severe hair loss, hair thinning & hair dandruff, but to Ms. Neeta it was a turning point in her life – a turn that became complete from any early embarrassment to a great success story that reads almost like a fairytale.


“Long before I developed a holistic approach to skin and body care, I had this traumatic experience of hair loss and hair tinning. I spend thousands of dollars for remedies for hair thinning, hair loss, trying to find a suitable remedy on every product that was available in the market. Sometimes it was the most expensive and prestigious of them all that modern science could produce. To my chagrin all these expensive and sophisticated products did nothing to improve my condition. In fact, it made my condition worse.” Says Ms Neeta.


It was way back in 1984 when this embarrassing and emotionally distressing condition affected Ms. Neeta – then a young and vibrant business woman with a burning ambition to succeed in life. Hair loss, hair thinning & hair dandruff afflicts millions all over the world yet most people resign to accept this fate. Ms. Neeta almost did the same when all available avenues failed. Remedies for hair thinning, hair loss and dandruff appeared to be as illusionary as an oasis to her. But not to be let down, she found herself in India in her quest for remedies for hair thinning, hair loss & hair dandruff problem.

There she found an unusual treatment using herbal mixtures and natural oils in an easy to follow program for hair thinning, hair loss & hair dandruff ! An immediate but pleasant change took place – her hair stopped falling within 3 days from starting the treatment and new hair started growing after only 3 months! This is was an immense inspiration for Ms. Neeta and she, from then on, is committed in disseminating the magical healing power of these glorious herbal remedies for hair thinning, hair loss & hair dandruff.